More Confidence With Women Starts With You

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Your confidence level may be lacking due to past dating failures or rejections. It is up to you and you only to re-establish your confidence with women as it’s the core attribute to female attraction. Your male confidence is what makes you attractive to women.

You may think that it’s your looks or even your personality, but the big secret of female to male attraction is confidence.
Cocky even arrogant confidence around attractive women will get you laid.

In order to increase your confidence with women YOU are going to need to be proactive and the great thing is you are showing this by reading this post... Your on the right track

Here are some confidence tips for men from Alex Wise, CEO of Loveawake free dating site, that will help you to heal past failures and rebuild confidence from scratch.

More Confidence With Women – You Are Worthy

One of the main reasons people lack confidence is that they don’t feel worthy.

Not worthy of female love

Not worthy of female attention

Not worthy of speaking up as no one is interested in what you have to say

You may hear yourself saying: (or thinking subconsciously)

“I am not funny, or attractive or cool so why should anyone listen to me?”

Therefore why should I approach that girl or speak up in a crowd – I am not worthy of love and attention remember?


Everyone on this earth is equally worthy of love and attention. Your past need not predict your future. YOU decide if your worthy or not. YOU decide that a womens rejection means you are not attractive.

Why not instead reframe a rejection into: “well to bad love, you just missed out on the best night of your life...”

SHE made the error in not picking you because you ROCK!


I think not:

Why should you believe anything else?

Does thinking negatively about anything really help apart from exposing your own misfortunes and errors?

I am guessing you know your own misfortunes and insecurities to bloody well for your own good.

They do not serve you – and you are worthy

Now that you are ready to give this dating thing another shot. Let’s give you the best chance of success

More Confidence With Women - Patience

You will intuitively know when the right time to approach a women is or when you are ready to meet someone knew. Do not force the issue or beat yourself up about being a wuss for not stepping up to the plate. Trust your gut and time your approach.

More Confidence With Women - Honesty

Are you ready for honesty?



Create a list of ALL the things you will no longer stand for - all the things you are not comfortable with about yourself.
This should be pretty easy for you.

Ask someone you really trust to read the list and rank from 1-10 the validity of these beliefs about yourself. Do not choose your mom here, they will be too nice. A wingman is great for this.

More Confidence With Women - Appearance

If you feel that the way you look is negatively affecting your confidence with women then you need to address this. Take your time and don’t try to be someone that you are not but rather clean up the rough edges you know you have let go of. Invest in some new clothes – if you wear black often why not try brown? Get a haircut and shave

These are small, subtle changes towards a cleaner more success and goal orientated male appearance have been proven to immediately boost self confidence.

Stop accepting second best – strive for excellence in everything you do and follow though.

More Confidence With Women - Routines

Your daily routine – Routines are tough to both create and destroy. Start following though with what you know you want – a fit athletic body – go back to the gym and make it a routine. Your routine will be different from the next guys but just keep up the things that increase your confidence. Do what you love and are good at. Increase the face time and speaking time with friends.

More Confidence With Women - People

If your family or friends harbour a negative attitude to life and positive change you need to work on isolating your mind from their influence. Dont let them know what your doing they will only bring you down. Spend more time with people who you believe will help you become more positive and confident.

Join clubs, sports teams and social meet ups, the practice of social interaction is learnt.

Easier said that done: but start dating again no matter how long its been. The more contact with women you have the better.

More Confidence With Women - Exercise

Running is great for confidence – get out there and do some form of physical exercise every day. Remember it’s not the fat your are losing and the body you are getting but the way exercise strengthens the mind. Exercise actually changes your state.

So if you feel depressed get off that chair and do something about it. It doesn’t have to be long just a quick run around the block if that’s all you can muster.

More Confidence With Women - Diet

You are what you eat – Ditch the sugary drinks and low quality refined products. There is a whole new world or enjoyment out there when you discover how to cook real food. Chicks love a man that can cook.

If you feel that you drink too much alcohol, smoke or do any form of drug you will obviously understand the impacts this can have on your confidence.

More Confidence With Women - Attitude

Learn to enjoy the basic pleasures of life they will start to rebuild your confidence.

Mark your calendar today – The day you will start a detox diet of your choice even if it’s just more green vegetables and no alcohol. Confidence with women starts one day at a time.

Set goals and know what you want out of life both physically mentally and emotionally. Women love a man who knows what he want. This after all is what confidence is all about.

Choose to look at every wrong turn and rejection from now on positively. Do not spend time analysing what you did wrong simply get back on your feet and follow the steps above.

Above all be persistent. More confidence with women is obviously what you want but it wont come quickly. Confidence is earnt not won, stolen or bought.